Fear …Scare it out of your mind

 FEAR……Scare it out of your mind.

 Deer run faster than its predators, but it gets caught easily and killed. The Deer is slim and agile, has good energy, despite having strong qualities, it fails to give a slip to the predator and ultimately  succumbs ……….the reason is Fear….the deer is paralyzed by fear gives up and become easy prey.

It is true with all of us, when we see an impending danger we get scared and succumb to the situation.

Fear is so powerful and it swamped in all walks of our life. Some fears are healthy and it helps us to grow. Some are irrational, and it hinders the growth.

Some students who are brilliant and good at studies, they fail to score good marks; it’s because of fear of examination. They tend to forget the subject and mind goes blank, fear over powers their ability.

Some people are scared of flying, a little turbulent in the flight will send the blood pressure shooting high and they get panic attacks.

When you are due for a presentation in the office or  address a gathering,  you become  nervous and get scared of the crowd, you  feel  “Butterflies in the stomach”  and  you pace back and forth , tongue- tied, you cannot recollect the topic……..you fail……… fear takes over you.

Some guys don’t venture or  try new things, be it professional or personal, because of fear of unknown; this may be due to past experience or mental imagination. They fear failure and adaptation and are worried about moving out of comfort zone.

We can continue with the list of fears and how it will affect one’s life…….However,  on the contrary, there are some who thrive on fears, they are known as adrenaline junkies…  ex:  guys who participate in dangerous sports activities, like bungee jumping, sky diving, surfing, river rafting and many more, they like to challenge the fear and conquer it.

 Fears are an unavoidable facet of our life’s experience. It is a natural emotion and survival mechanism. When we confront a perceived threat, our bodies respond in specific ways. Physical reaction is “Fight or Flight”, body prepares either to run or combat.

Constantly being in the state of fear will affect physically and psychologically, it creates anxiety disorders, and other health related issues. This hinders growth and the performance.

Fear restricts our lives and imprisons us. The study reveals that, we experience two types of fear, perceived and the real one. Perceived fears are our mental imaginations and also in anticipation of the future events, it may or may not happen. Real threats, on the other hand, are potentially dangerous, more often than not, involves physical harm.

It is estimated that 80% of our fears are the perceived one, isn’t it a good revelation!!.  Now let’s resolve to overcome the challenge. 

Below I have put down my thoughts on how to overcome the monster called fear.

 Face the fear:  Facing the fear can help you realize situation is not as bad as you imagined. It helps in building confidence & shows your strength to handle the situation on your own.

Swami Vivekananda, narrates a story of monkey, a few monkey ganged up and scaring tourists by blocking the way, they used to snatch food and snacks. One day they attacked Swami Vivekananda, he thought of running back, but saw more monkeys started chasing him, screaming and making scary noises. He decides to face the monkey, he turned back and stared at them fearlessly and monkeys vanished in no time.

Moral: If you face your fear instead of running away from them, they will run away like monkeys.

      Focus on breathing:  Breathing is most essential of all practices, it is “Prana Vayu”. Focusing on deep breathing helps you relaxing and reducing the anxiety. When the pang of anxiety attacks, focus on breathing and take couple of deep breaths, it brings down the jitter and calms the mind.

Learn different techniques of Pranayama (one of the 8 limbs of Patanjali Yoga Sutra) it gives great relief and you calm down instantly.

  Take one at a time: Do not try to tackle all your fears at a time, just pick one and work on it.

Starting small can help build confidence in yourself, as you overcome each new challenge.

Identify false beliefs: All fears are learned and nobody is born with fears. Identifying and rationalizing the beliefs that you have picked up during the course of journey, brings a great relief, It is like “the right diagnosis is half cure”, Identify and drop those irrational fears.

      Hypnotherapy:  When you are experiencing overwhelming fear or anxiety, please consider working with a therapist. Hypnotherapy is very effective, you can program   positive   thoughts in to your mind, erasing or eliminating negative thoughts and beliefs. This is very effective and I have seen many people getting cured and have come out of chronic suffering.

Do not let the fear to rule your life, take corrective action.

There are many techniques available; you can adopt the one which suits you most and combat anxiety and fear. In this write up, I have put down few points basing on my experience as a Hypnotherapist. People have got relief and leading happy life.